Roll up, roll up! The circus arrives at Hatton Adventure World

Roll up, roll up!  The circus arrives at Hatton Adventure World

Roll up roll up, the circus is in town!  And as I have never experienced the big top in my mini 17 months here on planet earth, mommy got online & on the go with tickets for the sunniest day on the weather forecast. 

I had never been to Hatton Adventure World before so I was super-excited when we arrived and could see all that was going on….. the farmyard animals, the guinea pig village, sandpits, carousel rides, soft play (hell on earth says mommy) and a big top tent.  Yipeee, let’s get going moma!

The Outdoor Adventure Play was wet and windy but hell I didn’t care, I had a JCB to climb and a sandpit as big as my nan’s back garden to plough through!  I am not ashamed to say that trucks are my thing, I love them and Hatton was full of them to climb and have fun on.

There were trampolines to jump on, slides, swings and a whole lot more.  For the bigger kids this must be so much fun and I am sure moms and dads get to have a bit of a rest when they are able to just go play!   I can imagine when the summer arrives and things are more sunny and less soggy it will be even better here.    Things always look better in the sunshine right?


When the rain was just too heavy for mom’s newly straightened hair, we headed into the farmyard to meet the animals.  I LOVED this as I got to get up close and personal with some of my favs; donkeys, sheep, goats and calves.  The guinea pig village was also super cool and I was able to stroke one of these furry little things, the big children were holding them.

Hands freshly washed we headed into what can only be described as a Kid’s Paradise – the indoor soft play areas!  Split into three different ages; Under 2’s (which is great and far superior to the usual boring shapes and coloured mats), 2 – 4year olds which looked pretty cool and then 5 years and above which looked like an I’m a Celebrity kinda TV set.  It was loud and totally bonkers but I had great fun.

When the moma finally managed to pull me from the soft play balls and re-dress me for the arctic conditions outside, we headed up the hill to the big top!

I was hoping for big things from this big top circus……..The good news, I sat still for almost 40 minutes and I didn’t cry at the clown!  In fact, I loved it!!   I most certainly will remember my day out at Hatton and we will definitely be returning to Hatton Adventure World, although only when the sun decides to come out and stay out!


Moma says…… A great day out with Baby, a bit too cold and wet to enjoy all the outdoor fun unfortunately.  But we cannot wait to get back there during the summer months.  The littles loved the circus and at the end of the day, we’re there for them!  I had some pretty muddy Paw Patrol wellies to clean but we both slept well that night!

Hatton Country World run a number of events throughout the year so check it out on their events page of their website along with a weekly and daily schedule during term time and holidays.  Booking online saves a few pennies, in fact you can indeed purchase a membership.  Under 2’s go free and adults can be a little on the pricey side but certainly a great day out with your little people.

Have you been to Hatton Adventure World yet?  Or maybe you’ve been to their other event days?  We would love to hear all about it and any tips or advice you may have?

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