I spent my birthday at Thomas Land…… and it was better than a pair of Manolos!

I spent my birthday at Thomas Land…… and it was better than a pair of Manolos!

Two years ago I spent my birthday in San Francisco, dancing on tables and shopping like a crazy mother shopper.  The year before that I was transiting the Panama Canal and before that, I was gliding through the Ionian on a speedboat.  I’ve done things you just gotta do and all the things you shouldn’t! And don’t get me started on the parties I’ve had?  My birthday has always been a big thing on the calendar, we are a family of big birthday buffs.  I mean why wouldn’t you celebrate bagging another year and totting up the memories?  So this year, when the family asked how I wanted to spend a whole day dedicated to moi, it was a no brainer.  Thomas Land.


Yeah huh, that was no typo!  I wanted to spend my special day making memories with my favourite people and my little man is my best ever favourite!  I’m sure you’ll agree, that when they’re happy, you’re happy.  And so we had a plan.
Moma Says…….. Thomas Land did not disappoint.  So it wasn’t Alcatraz (although that would be a bit weird anyway) or even Panama, but where else would you take a ride in Harold the Helicopter, dance through the street like a crazed Fat Controller and booby feed your way on Rosie the Engine?!  Thomas Land was simply chuff chuff-tastic!!
Thomas Land is located within Drayton Manor theme park located off junction 9 of the M42 in Staffordshire. The entire area of Thomas Land was spotlessly clean and tidy, it felt fresh and sparkly new and took me back to my time at Disney – it has a real sense of magic to it.  Almost all rides were suitable for Town Baby who is just 21 months and there was an A-MAZING soft play area, in fact you could spend an entire day in there without seeing the rest of Sodor!  We paid just £22 for an Adult and Toddler ticket (available only during term time) as we booked online the day before and allows for an additional adult to pay on the day for just £18, so great for nanny!  In comparison to many other paid for days out, this was great value and I certainly would visit again.
Baby About Town could not believe his little peepers and ran from one thing to the next.  Every ride finished with ‘again again”, thankfully it was a very quiet day on the island of Sodor meaning we rode those carousels over and over and over. (We have since been during school holidays and it was extremely busy meaning car parking wasn’t as friendly and the queues were pretty tedious with a toddler!).
There are a whole range of different rides throughout the park for your littles to choose from, all based on the popular characters (and not so popular – who has heard of Winston before?!) from the Thomas & Friends series.  And for even the little pre-schoolers, they can ride on almost all there too, so there are no tears.
Hop on Rosie the engine, over to the other side of Sodor and visit Spencer’s play area, a fabulous outdoor play area for them to run wile and free!  Here you can visit the dinosaurs too, a favourite of ours.  And visit the model railway.
Baby About Town Says……. Best. Day. Ever.  I have never seen anything like it before!  I love Thomas and going to Sodor was the most exciting thing I have ever done.  Every day we wake up now, I ask mommy if today is the day we are going back.  I can’t wait!
The Nitty Gritty Need to Know……
Under 2’s go free? Yes
Parking?  Free and plenty of it!  You’ll need to walk to the entrance of the park.
Café/Restaurant?  Yes, there are a couple to choose from, although short in the way of healthy choices.
Baby Changing Facilities?  Yes.
Loyalty Scheme? No, although you can purchase a season pass allowing you visit as many times as you like!
Breastfeeding Friendly?  No where dedicated & there were few quiet little places.  I chose Rosie the Engine to fit the booby feed in!
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