Hand on heart the loveliest baby & toddler class, Hartbeeps takes us down the rabbit hole.

Hand on heart the loveliest baby & toddler class, Hartbeeps takes us down the rabbit hole.

What a truly magical time we had at our local Hartbeeps class!  Packed with magic sprinkles, dreamy music and some of the best props this side of toddler town, Nicola delivers hand on heart one of the loveliest baby & toddler groups!

As we gathered around the ‘magic garden’, we all found ourselves on a fantastical journey down the rabbit hole!  We danced, we sung….. with a  mix of imaginative play, beautiful characters who came to visit and beautiful props to interact with, it really is a very different baby and toddler class.

There are two age groups; Baby Beeps which suits those little’s that are sitting to walking.  And Happy House for those on the go up to five years old.
And classes can be found in three locations at present; we were lucky enough to attend the very special Star and Garter class in Solihull.  Residents gathered to participate and enjoy the music and the energy our little’s give.  It is a wonderful way to brighten up their day and teach our little’s to interact with all ages and abilities too.  Baby Town took the opportunity to demonstrate to everyone who would listen the workings of his new Lightening McQueen car!
Moma says…… Nicola makes this class so very special and truly magical for all the littles.  There are so many beautiful props, instruments, wonderful music and singing……. it was full of energy, fun and imagination.  Isn’t that what being a child is all about?
Baby About Town Says…… I love exploring all the props & musical instruments, diving down the tunnel and having a boogie with mommy.
**Update January 2018 – Hartbeeps are now offering birthday parties!   Packages and activities to suit first, second, third, fourth and fifth birthdays or any celebration.
The Nitty Gritty Need to Know…..
Under 2’s go free?  No
Café/Restaurant?  Dependent on what class you choose; Mothercare has a lovely café and the Star and Garter classes offered free tea and coffees!
Parking?  All venues have parking
Loyalty Scheme?  No but signing up for a term is better value than drop in
Breastfeeding friendly?  Of course, you are surrounded by other moma’s!
Have you been to a Hartbeeps class? What did you think? We would love to hear what your little one’s get out of it? Or maybe you have been to one of their special parties?
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As Nicola would say, love and lots of magic sprinkles…
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