Why being a parent has helped me toughen up & love life’s crappy bits!

Why being a parent has helped me toughen up & love life’s crappy bits!

Life is a funny old thing isn’t it?  This summer has been (without mincing my words) god damn gut wrenchingly life changing kinda awful.  It has been (on reflection) a chapter of extreme challenge to see if we as a family have what it takes to survive and come out fighting.  And although it is still early days for sure, we are certainly made of the tough stuff! 


From early 2017, I have spent every moment fighting and juggling life’s crappy bits with being a mommy that still needs to get up, make the lunch, play Mr Potato Head and chase the Cozy Coupe around the park.


I still need to ensure my little man feels loved, safe and secure and learning and expanding his little mind each and every day.  And thank goodness for that because I truly believe it has got me, in fact all of us through it.  Because, whilst all the nasty stuff of life was hanging over us, we still had each other, our little man and all the precious moments they offer to us.

We still had one of the best ever afternoons watching Iggle Piggle find his blankie In the Night Garden.  We all felt truly grateful for our first real trip to the beach as a family, as we shared fish and chips and had giggle competitions in the caravan.  And belly laughing as we took a ride on Bertie the Bus at Thomas Land for the 5th time that hour!  It is true, when life gets tough you do get tougher.

And actually, it is at this time you also experience some of the most precious, most happiest moments in life too. Ironic but so true.

Life, in it’s hardest most raw and painful moments, also strangely combines to offer us those most wonderful and memorable moments that we treasure forever.

So, here’s to embracing life and all that lies ahead of us, whatever that maybe.  Because we have each other and we’ve definitely got this!

Has anyone else had some big bumps in life’s road whilst juggling parenthood?  Would be lovely to hear from you. xXx


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