How Little Kickers will play centre forward with you & your kids

How Little Kickers will play centre forward with you & your kids

CALLING ALL THOSE BUDDING MINI GARETH BALES (he’s my fav too)! There is a severe lack of sport-based classes for the pre-schooler within the Solihull area and in the wider field too (excuse the pun)!  So, when we heard that Little Kickers were running football classes for the tiny up to the teens, and in Solihull too, we did our own celebratory dance!


There are so many awesome benefits for children involved with sport at an early age; the physical skills it teaches them, working as a team, the concept of winning and losing & of course getting active, being healthy & how fantabulous it can make you feel.  Setting the ‘norm’ early puts them in great stead going forward.  Our Little Kickers class offers all this and more and we have such fun too.
“We give your children a positive introduction to sport by teaching high quality football skills in a friendly, pressure-free environment.”

They cater for all ages and levels with four different classes tailored specifically to the needs of children between 18 months and seven years of age:

  • Little Kicks is for little players 18 months – 3 years old & aimed at introducing the beautiful game with fun & games inviting you, the parent, to get involved too! And the class that we will be telling you a little more about
  • Junior Kickers (2 – 3½ years old)
  • Mighty Kickers (3½ – 5th birthday)
  • Mega Kickers (5 – 7th birthday)
They run classes in a number of locations in Solihull and throughout the UK actually, so head to their website for more details.
Little Kickers is the brain-child of a mum (mums rock!) who in 2002 became aware of the lack of pre-school classes getting young children involved in & enjoying sport.  And so Little Kickers was born.  With a network of 1,500 coaches and 260 franchises in 20 countries, they state they are now the world’s biggest and most successful pre-school football academy.  And I can see why…….



Moma Says……  It is such a great football class for children, full of energy & fun for the little ones and for us the parents too!  In just 6 months, Baby Town has mastered some great football skills, has most definitely found love with a football and really getting to grips now with following instruction, developing his patience & taking turns.  These are big skills, huge lessons to learn for pre-schoolers that set them up for life, so it’s great to see him learning these life skills so willingly and in such a positive environment.
I love the thought that goes into creating each session too, with a different theme each week to really engage & capture their imagination.
But I think why I love Little Kickers so much is the time it gives us.  I love sharing this time with him, we laugh and have fun, we learn together and cheer him on – I never expected to feel so proud, I have such a little champion!  It has been wonderful seeing Baby Town progress & use the skills he has watched, then learnt to do himself.  Suzanne our coach has a wonderful way with the children and she’s a great teacher too.
Baby Town Says…… Last week our class was all about Paw Patrol!  We had to choose our favourite pup, pick their colour cone then run to the goal and SCORE!  I also love the sleeping giant game as we do our little kicks past Coach Dave then score before he wakes up.  And I love my special football T shirt, it matches my super-fast trainers!
The Nitty Gritty Need to Know ……
Under 2’s go free?  Classes start at 2 years onwards
Café/Restaurant?  No
Parking?  Yes at all Solihull venues
Loyalty Scheme?  Little Kickers Solihull offer a free trial to everyone & if you sign up to a 14 week term you get 1 week free!  PLUS if you want to be in with a chance to win a 6 week term with Little Kickers Solihull then all you need to do is sign up to Baby About Town here to receive any new reviews we post, then Like our Facebook page & Little Kickers Facebook page….. good luck!
Breastfeeding friendly?  It is pretty loud, full on & busy so you may want to choose another spot!
Have you tried a Little Kickers class?  Did your little’s love it too?  Maybe like me you love sharing this time with your littles?  We would love to hear your thoughts!
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