About Us

Hey there I’m Alexis, moma to this bucket of gorgeousness – my Baby Town.  Once wedding planner & writer, gym loving, shoe shopping kinda girl, busy stocking up on all life’s rich adventures, now loving life with my new little man in my life!

Baby Town, now two and a half is a little man full of spirit, fun and adventure, a human sponge keen to learn of everything he possibly can.

Becoming a moma in 2015 was a dream come true.  Becoming a single moma almost immediately was not.  But this ‘plot twist’ in our life’s story pushed me to get out the house and start making our own story.

Like most moma’s out there, I was forever looking for great places for us to check out & spent hours trawling the wonderful world wide web to bottom out the what, the where and the who.  I realised that there wasn’t one place for parents, written by parents that tells us where to go all with the nitty gritty info we so desperately need to know.  And so I began to blog our top favs in the hope it would help parents out there like me that enjoy getting out and about with baby.

Being a single parent can be a lonely old place at times, and to be honest shit scary too.  Getting it down in writing, something I have always found easy to do, has been my therapy and has helped me to connect and create some great friendships too.  There is something healing to the soul when reading someone else’s story and realising, I am not alone.  I hope within our little blogosphere here, you see you really are not alone!

I’d like to create a whole group of adventure loving parents, a tribe of momas that all go through those daily bumps!  So do get in touch, join us on Facebook or Instagram & if you too have found a great class or place with your little person then just let us know!

Happy adventure!,

Much love, Alexis & Baby Town  xXx